Leadership Team

Jim Palculict
Chief Operating Officer

“My mom was a nurse and long term care administrator. She was very instrumental in my entrance into this career. I have enjoyed the several years I have been in this field and I have found that I can make a difference every day in the lives of the residents we serve.”

Dee McCarthy
Chief Clinical Officer

“I do what I do because I believe every patient and resident is someone’s family and deserves to be treated as if they’re our loved ones. I want to make sure that happens. To me this is more than a job, it’s a covenant that I honor.”

Blake Church
Chief Financial Officer

“Building finance, accounting, development, and risk management teams that deliver actionable solutions to ensure operational and clinical success is something that drives me every day. It’s the relationships that are nurtured, not only across North Shore, but within the healthcare and banking communities, that ensure our residents, loved ones, and caregivers have the highest level of satisfaction.”

Paul Peshek
Chief Compliance Officer

“I fell in love with Elders while growing up in Wisconsin and volunteering at a local nursing home as an Eagle Scout. From that point on, I dedicated my life to focus on the customer experience, and I am extremely passionate about ensuring that our customers’ experience exceeds their expectations.”

Jon Ollmann
Senior Vice President of Operations

“Everyone is afforded the opportunity to leave an impact on the world. Each day, hundreds of teammates, guests, and community members walk through our doors and we have the consistent ability to leave a positive impact on someone’s life. If we can close out each day knowing that we made just one person's day better, it has been a successful one. That is why I do what I do... be the change I'd like to see.”

Andy Nicely
VP of Procurement/Ancillary Services

“The relationships we have with vendor partners continuously affect our residents and their families. By building strong relationships between the vendors and North Shore, I am positively influencing the quality of care given by the North Shore team.”

Stephanie Signore
VP of Managed Care

“I’ve always enjoyed being a resource to families, patients, and residents. I am passionate about ensuring people have the right information and feel good about where their next level of care will take place. Confidence in their care means they will heal more quickly and back to the life they were living.”

Melissa Strecansky
VP of Human Resources

“We are committed to creating a culture that attracts and retains compassionate and dedicated employees. Working in the North Shore Human Resources department gives me the opportunity to create the best experience for employees, so they can provide excellent care for our residents and their families.”

Gail Holland
VP of Finance

“I love working in the finance arena of the skilled nursing industry because we can help make the transition from home to skilled environment a positive experience. I believe providing timely and accurate information contributes to the level of customer service the patients and their families deserve.”

Chris Pryor
VP of Business Development

“More than ever, it is critical that we implement a patient-centered strategy that is aligned with other health care providers. Through strategic collaborations, partnerships, and alignments, my position allows me to both, directly and indirectly, affect the continued advancement of the quality of care that the residents at our facilities receive.”

Sean Bailey
VP of Asset Management

“Being part of a team of caring people with a sound mission is important to me and is why I joined North Shore Healthcare. We are committed to improving the lives of our residents every day with the care we provide and the building environments that we maintain.”